A Stunning Rococo Gardens Wedding

On a Sunday I regularly help out on the meet and greet desk at Painswick Rococo Garden. So I was there when Anne-Sophie and James first came to look round and met them then. I could see straight away how excited they were with seeing the garden as they couldn’t stop smiling! Your chosen setting shouldn’t just be about numbers and suitability, it’s somewhere that feels special to you both and excites your senses. They asked me what time of year would be beautiful for blossom and I suggested late spring. Nestled comfortably in the hollow of the Valley the Rococo Garden is an achingly romantic setting for this unique wedding venue. Being the only garden in the UK still surviving in the Rococo style, it’s very green ever changing and rooted in the seasons.

Here's one from their website: www.rococogarden.org.uk/

Here's one from their website: www.rococogarden.org.uk/

We met formally and chatted about all the flowers and colours they liked, and which flowers couldn’t be left out like orange Roses! It wasn’t difficult, as they love a relaxed eclectic mix of colours and textures.

In France where Anne-Sophie comes from Lily of the valley has its own special day, ‘La Fête du muguet’ translated as ‘Lily of the valley day’; historically the royal family favours it.
Perfect, tiny little white bells of highly fragranced loveliness.

The timing of the wedding meant I couldn’t guarantee getting Lily of the valley, but I would do my very best. At the time of the wedding I couldn’t get hold of cut Lily of the valley, but I’d had an insurance policy and grew my own in a pot. It was too short to be cut, so I made the little pot of Lily of the valley her ‘borrowed’ and placed it just outside the Red house at Rococo Garden.

On the morning I popped along to drop the bridal flowers as they were staying locally to Rococo Garden in Painswick, which is such a good idea for a relaxing start of the ‘big day’.
They used mainly local suppliers, most based within 3 miles of the venue.

The photos paint a thousand words and I’d like to thank the talented duo of Emily and Steve photography (www.emilysteve.com) for kindly allowing me to use them.

Here’s Anne-Sophie with her adorable daughter Louise walking through the garden and arriving at the Red house for the ceremony.

Here’s Anne-Sophie with her adorable daughter Louise walking through the garden and arriving at the Red house for the ceremony.

You can acquire your locally grown dried petal confetti direct from Rococo Garden coming in cones and boxes.

You can acquire your locally grown dried petal confetti direct from Rococo Garden coming in cones and boxes.

Spot the little pot of Lily of the valley beside them outside The Red House, the most popular place in the garden to say your vows.


Wow, what a wonderful backdrop The Red house is, with the happy couple being showered in confetti!


It’s great to see friends and family enjoying the garden and here they are amongst the Exedra.


The Orangery lends itself to Afternoon tea, I did an eclectic mix of old coloured bottles with a selection of floral lovelies. The delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones were supplied locally by St. Michaels Bistro and the beautiful vintage crockery was supplied by Delight Vintage Tea Set hire.



The garden has a stunning archway that looks wonderful with the new green leaves coming through, one of the advantages of choosing a spring wedding. I love this photo.


I made a tiny posy to match the dress for the couple’s little niece, I’m still not sure if she held it.
In the evening the couple finished off the day at The Shires in Painswick with a beautiful table to which I added the same bottles along the whole length.


The cake prepared by a friend of the couple was delightful, sitting of a vintage cake stand with my flowers decorating it.


I would like to say a special thank you to James and Anne-Sophie for allowing me to share photos of their very special day.

Here's a link to Rococo's website: www.rococogarden.org.uk/

A Sneaky Peek!!

We all love a sneaky peek behind the scenes don't we? Before your special day this is what we're up to!

The alarms set for 4.30, It's not all glamour and glitz... All of the wedding flowers are pre-ordered, but it's always good to see what's available on the day and I'm like a child in a sweet shop. While it's exciting it's also nerve wracking, as until I see the quality I can't relax - think mother hen gathering her brood.... Yes really!

For Emily's wedding I used four wholesalers for flowers and had a team of four florists over four days. With 9 months in the planning, it's not all about the flowers: consideration for containers, lights, twigs, storm lanterns etc is also key.

Post wholesaler: All cut and conditioned and divided up into bridal party, church, reception, etc.

Vulnerable soft flowers like Sweet Peas are kept on their own. On this occasion, 14 buckets of water were sloshing about, don't worry; every one is labeled.

wedding flowers gloucester

At the Church:
It's so nice working in a church as they can be quite cool for the flowers and 'us'. Pew ends and a pedestal really make the church say 'wedding!'

The church entrance is of soft cream stone, enhanced  with our  'classic' cream planters, on hire. Cleverly moved to the marquee entrance, the twisted willow twigs have soft glow mini fairy lights. Great for the romantic evening setting.


storm lanterns

For the Girls:

Here's one of the bridesmaids Posy where I've used Roses, Spray Roses, pretty Bouvardia, Freesia, Sweetpeas, Gyp and foliages including Soft Ruscus and Eucalyptus. I can't help sniffing when I'm making the bridal party flowers, one of my perks!

At the Marquee:

The super large Storm lantern with chunky church candle surrounded by scented flowers including the Sweet Peas, Peonies and Roses was much admired.

Hydrangea, Jasmine and Ivy in planters extra twisted willow around the walls to add to the Petersham nurseries look our bride requested.

wedding flowers

The stunning Marquee chosen has beautiful curved sides. The pole was lowered for us to work on, don't worry Health and Safety!
Adding extra twigs with lights on the poles and the pew ends creates a great finish.

It's exciting seeing our flowers in all sorts of locations including marquees, barns, manor houses, stately homes and hotels.

Now I can't claim to have made the cake, but it was gorgeous and looked amazing floating on our flowers Less really is more and that was certainly the case with this wonderful wedding.



So all in all a lot of work but lot's of fun too! Especially when I get a chance to really get creative.
If you like anything you've seen here, or have ideas of your own which I can help bring to life, get in touch!